Marina d´Tarrafal Guesthouse - Santo Antão - Cabo Verde


Tarrafal de Monte Trigo lies between the mountains and the sea on the South West of the island of Santo Antão, protected from the predominant winds from the North West. Blessed with its own water source which, in the past, supplied drinking water to the nearby island of Sao Vicente via small steam boats belonging to the Ferro company. It was this Ferro family who founded Tarrafal de Monte Trigo.

Tarrafal is a small village made up of fishermen and farmers which time forgot until the 90s due to its difficult access.

In Tarrafal there is a small school, a health centre, a few bars and small shops, daily transport to Porto Novo, and telephone and electricity for a few hours each day.


Tarrafal is the perfect location if you wish to spend time with easy going, welcoming people enjoying a warm microclimate all year round; enjoying its bay, its beach and some of nature’s own treats: turtles lay eggs on the beach in the summer and the bay is on the migratory route of tuna, whales, dolphins and birds.


The house is close to the beach, 50 meters from the sea. It has rooms for 1 or 2 people, with bathroom, a private terrace with garden and communal areas in the open air, perfect for those who wish to rest. We prepare Cape Verdean and International dishes. We specialise in fresh fish and, on request, we can prepare lobster and vegetarian food.



Paseos en bote

Pesca de currican

Pesca tradicional

Water activities :

Tarrafal has the biggest sandy beach in Santo Antão. Given its position and the mountains that surround the bay the sea is usually very calm from March through to December. We can supply up to 6 snorkelling sets (goggles, snorkel and flippers). We can also organise various excursions and activities on our 6 metre motor boat.

Surf / Bodyboard

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Trekking or walks:

Apart from the peaceful walks on Tarrafal beach, for those that love walks we have various routes to offer you.

How to get to Tarrafal:

You will have to catch a plane to the island of Sao Vicente. Once there, you will need to take a ferry to the island of Santo Antão. The ferry docks in the city of Porto Novo. The meeting point for passengers and transport to Tarrafal is the Residencial Antilhas, which is just on the harbour; a great place to have breakfast or simply a coffee whilst waiting for your transport. The journey takes approximately two and a half hours, part of which is via a dirt track with pot holes, something you’ll soon forget as you arrive in Tarrafal, over its black sandy beach.


There are two ways of reaching Tarrafal:

Colective taxi: (Shared by people and cargo. The length and route of this journey depends on the amount of passengers and the cargo. Stops will be made wherever necessary)

Price: 700 Escudos ( 6.40 EUR)

Capacity: 15 people

Timetbale: Just in the morning

Porto Novo – Tarrafal no fixed times, from 11am

Tarrafal – Porto Novo 4:30am

Sunday: No colectivo service


Taxi: (Car with driver. Passenger determines times, stops, journey etc)

Price: 7,000 Escudos (64 Euros)

Capacity Toyota: 3-4 people with luggage, always on the outside.

Timetable: available any day at any time

Cost of accommodation (including breakfast):

Double room: 4,100 Escudos (37,30 Euros) per night

Single room: 3,000 Escudos (27,30 Euros) per night

Triple room: 5,500 Escudos (50,00 Euros) per night


Evening meal: 1,200 Escudos (10,90 Euros) per person


Contact / reservations: Telephone (00238) 2276078 - email: